100% profit trade automatically with bittrex pump bot auto trade bot and pump detector for release d

A lot of bot gets confused from the sideways market candlesticks so I created another approach. Hi, I already tried this bot on bittrex and it ran well, it would be perfect if this bot support yobit exchanges too.

Could u add yobit,plz? Thanks for this, i mange to make it work after reading all the comments: D,so every now and then i need to re-run the buy n sell bot?

The bot that I and I'm sure others need is a bot that will place orders from a text file or spreadsheet. Bittrex now deletes "stale" orders after 28 days. I have open orders with multiple buys and sells on many coins and placing each order would take me many hours. I can manually copy and paste all of my open orders into a spreadsheet and then clean it up to just have the trading pair, price, and amount and put then copy them into a text file. This would take me 2 minutes.

If I had a bot that could place all the orders it would save me a lot of time placing the orders again. I know zero coding. Is anyone going to make a bot that just places orders from a list without trying to make decisions for me? I'm sure a lot of people could use a bot like this. Help please ; alredy install gem install colorizeC: I have this error: Hello, I've been working on this for two days trying to get it working, I've got 0.

I'll send donation if I can get this working How do I run the script? I installed ruby but don't know how to run it.. Can you please help? Well done on your bot!

Amazing piece of work! Would it work on Yobit, if I change the url and the api keys? Hi,problem of undefined method: Is there a command to sell only a part of wallet or split the sale?

Do you realize the whatever you goin comes at someone else's loss? These pump and dumps people need to be banned from all trading platforms and I know they are working on it and hopefully all these pump and dumpers end up getring locked out and lose everything they stole from noobs.

But hyip signal is. U can earn in dat now safe and better with our bot. I am unable to determine how to purchase this bot on your website..

I see the bluebot. I cannot figure out the price for this - is it. And follow the procedure dats it. U get a license key.

U can contact me on telegram abhimady. If u buy now you will be getting latest version of bot. Hey man, your bot looks like it has a lot of potential. Our v3 version has more of everything.

Contact me on telegram abhimady. U know what it would be a lot more informative with an Audio explanation. All it makes me think is lazy video tutorial. I find it strange that they want to sell bots, but never answer questions No matter how quick or accurate pump trading bot you use, you won't win if scammers do prepump and announce coin when they have set sell walls.

We do analyze pump and dump signals and show you on per second chart how pump group performed. Join our telegram channel t. Great idea, but please keep it real, there's so much stuff on this channel that has nothing to do with pump and dump analyses, you really have to search hard for it.

Hi, I'm very interested in buying your Bot. But I have a few questions before buying: Can I set my Bittrex account and set the bot to trade completely by itself in the Auto detect and trade option, or does it still need my intervention? My plan is to completely automate my trading 2. What is your update policy?